Tracking Web metrics – does your company measure up?

March 19, 2012 - Tags: E-business Marketing

Did you know that there are simple tools that can help you understand your website's effectiveness? Tracking Web metrics — in-depth data about your website — can give you insight on who visits your site, what they are looking for, and how they can become customers.

The following Developing your website can help you gauge how well your website is meeting your customers' needs, and can help you reach your business goals:

Page views: How many people visit your site? What are the most and least visited pages?

Top referrals: Understanding where your visitors come from and what search terms they use to find you, can help you choose effective keywords and marketing avenues to drive traffic to your site.

Top internal search keywords: What are customers searching on your website? Is important information missing? If customers are searching for certain products, for example, you may want to make sure they are featured on your site.

Exit pages: Pinpoint the pages where visitors leave your website. You want your customers to leave from natural exit points, such as purchase confirmation, "contact us", or newsletter signup pages.

Bounce rate: If many visitors leave your site after viewing a single page, it may be an indication that your site needs improvements to make it more useful and appealing to visitors.

Conversion rate: This important metric measures the percentage of visitors who become customers. If many people are browsing your site without making a purchase, you may need a stronger call to action.

Length of visit: Knowing how long visitors stay on your website can give you an idea of how engaging and useful your content is.

You can learn more about optimizing your website on our Online marketing and basic metrics pages.

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