The restaurant start-up checklist caters to your planning needs

February 9, 2011 - Tags: Planning Startup

Have you decided to enter the competitive restaurant market by opening a place of your own? If you've made that decision, chances are you have a background working in the food service industry. You may have experience preparing and cooking food, serving hungry customers or managing kitchen and wait staff. At some point during your career, it may have occurred to you that your knowledge of the industry and abundant energy could be of greater benefit to you. Perhaps you've thought “If this was my restaurant, I'd…”

No matter how you've come to the decision to open your own restaurant, once that decision has been made, it's time for you to figure out how to bring your idea to fruition. There is a great deal involved in opening any business; perhaps none more so than in opening a restaurant. Before you open your doors to your very first customer, you will have spent countless hours planning and preparing for your grand opening.

In order to ensure that you've covered everything, you'll want to:

  • Research: Success depends on your knowledge of the industry, your finances, your customers, your marketing strategy and your suppliers.

  • Plan and design: From the appetizers you serve, to the chairs on which your customers will sit, you'll want to have every detail in place.

  • Understand industry-specific regulations and get permits and licences: From storing and preparing food to serving alcoholic beverages, you will need to know your legal requirements before you open your doors.

  • Access advice and support: Even if you know the restaurant industry from top to bottom, the expertise of experienced entrepreneurs and business consultants can be an invaluable resource.

The Restaurant Start-Up Checklist is intended to help you navigate through the process of opening your restaurant, whether it's a brand new venture or you're expanding an existing establishment. For more general information on opening a business, consult our Business Start-Up Checklist.

Best of luck with your venture!

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