The Digital Economy: Revolution 3.0!

August 18, 2010 - Tags: E-business

The digital economy brings new challenges and new opportunities to the Ontario business community.

One of the major issues you face in your business as you make more use of electronic and Internet-based tools is how to deal with customer privacy and data security. The Consumer Measures Committee, made up of several levels of government, offers you Consumer Protection in E-Commerce guidelines and benchmarks to help you deal with these new demands of the e-commerce revolution.

It's always a good idea to have a plan in place that will help you handle a security breach, rather than trying to figure things out after they happen. The Ontario Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner provides resources on privacy issues to entrepreneurs, including their Privacy Diagnostic Tool (PDT) Workbook. This handy tool can help you develop your own internal business processes for dealing with data security issues.

To stay competitive in a digital market, your business will likely need to find training resources for these new e-skills. Many educational institutions across Ontario now offer programs on e-commerce and e-business tailored to learning these new skills, from the basics to the highly technical.

You can also choose from a large and growing number of government resources on these topics. The Canada Business website has a variety of information on e-business and using Internet technologies, and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade provides e-business resources designed to help you integrate new technologies into your business.

The Ontario government sees the digital economy as the province's future. With initiatives like the Ontario Innovation Agenda, the Communitech Hub: Digital Media & Mobile Accelerator and the innovation support programs from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, the government aims to help Ontario businesses take the new digital world by storm.

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