Starting a landscaping or snow removal business? Think customer service.

December 22, 2014 - Tags: Customers Startup

One of the keys to your landscaping or snow removal business is customer service. Satisfied customers will be loyal customers and will be willing to refer your business to their families and acquaintances. You are dealing with people's property into which they have invested money and time, so it is important to treat it with care and respect. A large part of your business is dealing with clients — one on one and in a personal manner. Keeping up relationships is a key part of maintaining and growing your business.

Find ways of marketing your business

To generate new customer leads, start by promoting your business in an area where you would prefer to work. Trying to get as many people in one specific area can save on fuel and time. You could try advertising in the local newspapers, dropping flyers or business cards off in mailboxes or speaking to the home owners personally in your selected neighbourhood. Social media could also be a great way to spread the word about your business.

Try also targeting clients who may be looking for your services such as:

Make sure you are able to provide estimates, competitive prices and clear and detailed contracts. Once the contract is in place, do keep in touch with your clients to make sure they continue to be satisfied with your service.

Customers are your number one asset and help keep your business successful so ensure they remain at the top of your priority list. Word of mouth referrals equal free advertising for your business, so be sure your customers are happy!

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