Start your business Canada! Get help with intellectual property and market research

Canada Business Network has launched a series of 4 YouTube videos designed to highlight a variety of business services available to you. If you have a great business idea and are thinking of implementing it, these videos could help you start your business.

The fourth video in the series is called Get help with intellectual property & market research. As you develop your business plan, obtain your permits and licences and seek financial assistance, you may also want to learn more about intellectual property and how to conduct market research for your business. 

Intellectual property

Before you patent, brand, manufacture and sell your products, you'll need to determine if you have intellectual property. Are your products new to the market? Is your business idea original or has it been done before? By searching for business products similar to yours, you may get a better sense of where your business stands. Consider consulting an agent when you apply for a patent or trade-mark.

Market research

By browsing our website, you may find useful information while researching your market. You'll gain access to data about your business idea, target market, competitors and various market trends. When conducting market research, be sure to include public reports, databases, imports, exports, statistics, business growth and other related topics in your search.

More videos

Get help with intellectual property and market research is just one video in our series. More topics are covered in these 3 other videos:

Let us help you take your great idea from a dream to a solid plan to an official business. Watch our videos, explore our website and contact us for information specific to your region and industry.


Posted by Brad on September 3, 2014
Yes, Our team want to expand our business in Canada. This is nice post and i am reffering this post to our director.

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