Speed up border crossing at major airports

August 3, 2010 - Tags: Import Export

Tired of waiting in Customs line-ups at the airport? A NEXUS or CANPASS card could accelerate the process.

These cards allow you to bypass the primary border inspection line at some of Canada's busiest airports. Cardholders get access to self-serve kiosks that allow them to clear the border quickly. A camera recognizes their irises as proof of identity.

If your business requires you to travel frequently across the Canada/United States border, a NEXUS card could save you time at participating airports. The program is run by both Canadian and US governments, and you must be approved by both parties.

Do your business travels take you all over the world? The CANPASS card might be for you. It can help speed up your entry into Canada from other countries. However, unlike NEXUS, it only works one way, and will not help you get through Customs in other countries.

To qualify for either card, you must be a permanent resident of Canada and have lived here continuously for the last three years. You'll need to be assessed as a low-risk traveller and meet other requirements.

Applications are handled through the Canada Border Services Agency. There is a $50 fee for each card. Find out more:

In addition to designated airports, you can use the cards at designated land and marine ports of entry.

Your time is money, as is the time of your employees. If they travel often, remember to make them aware of NEXUS and CANPASS.

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