Small business — Big impression

August 29, 2016 - Tags: Managing

Competing with larger businesses can sometimes be a challenge for small business owners. Adopting some of their strategies can make your business look more professional as well as leave the impression you can match the services being offered by your bigger competitors.

One of the first things you should consider is providing mobile accessibility — a must in the age of smartphones. People are using their devices to do research, find directions to your business, access prices and make purchases so make sure your layout is suited to mobile technologies. If you don't have the technical expertise, hiring a mobile designer can help you add the functionality you may require.

Other strategies that your business could adopt are:

  • Reviewing and updating your website — give customers a positive impression of your business by having an easy to navigate website, provide simple access to purchasing and secure payment pages
  • Offering professional videos and blogs, which would allow you to share your expert information about your industry, may help boost your business' visibility
  • Building up your social media channels through regular informative posts and interactions may increase the number of customers that follow your business
  • Keeping the same name across all channels to increase brand recognition
  • Getting testimonials and reviews to help build trust with your customers

Other ways that your business could increase its presence in the marketplace would be by:

  • Joining trade associations to network with other business owners and attending meetings regularly so that your business is recognized among your industry peers
  • Taking the lead in organizing networking events, sending out press releases and handing out those professional looking business cards may lead to increased awareness of your business
  • Adding your business information to various business directories allowing other suppliers and customers to find and contact you

Keeping your business undertakings professional can help give your potential new customers a good first impression of your business regardless of its size. Providing good customer service by offering valuable information and quality products and services will keep them coming back.

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