Self-employment helping the economy rebound

May 8, 2009 - Tags: Economy Entrepreneurship

Since the global economic crisis hit, the number of people in Canada with jobs has been steadily decreasing. Every day, you hear about another series of lay-offs, another bankruptcy, another industry in trouble, and so on.

Experts didn’t expect April 2009 to be any different. In fact, economists expected employment to drop by around 50,000 jobs in April (Source: article “Canada added jobs in April: StatsCan).

However, according to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey employment in Canada ended up growing by around 36,000 jobs in April 2009. The number of jobs in the private and public sectors both declined slightly in April, but a surge of 37,000 newly self-employed people helped the employment numbers rebound.

A lot of people are finding it difficult to get jobs at the moment. There are few positions available and even if you do get a job, you may question how secure your position is. This is likely one of the reasons that people are turning to self-employment.

Are you out of work? Maybe self-employment would be a good option for you. It requires some thought and planning, but becoming your own boss can be rewarding and help you overcome the recession.

To determine if entrepreneurship is for you and to find out how to get your business off the ground, see: Starting your business.


Posted by on September 13, 2011
Hello Daniel,

When starting a business, keep in mind that one of the best courses of action you can take is to develop a great business plan. This helps set the foundation for all of your business decisions moving forward. The Business Planning section is a great place for you to start mapping out your plan.

Our Importing and exporting section has information on topics like market research, logistics, laws, regulations and permits that can help you succeed as an importer/exporter.

Another key consideration is financing. In our Grants and Finances section, you can view or search for financing programs offered by governments by selecting parameters such as your industry, your location, your demographic group and/or the reason you are looking for financing.

You may also want to contact the Canada Business service centre in your province or territory or call toll free 1-888-576-4444 (TTY 1-800-457-8466.

Best of luck with your business!
Posted by Daniel on September 10, 2011
I have register a company to be use for my self business and it incorporated on Import/ export and general merchant....right now I'm a little bite confuse where to start from please guard me to excel
Posted by Sherry Jensen on November 4, 2009
You should include forms and application links whenever possible from government / service canada . . . website
Posted by Mark on October 21, 2009

I came across your site while doing some research on the internet.

I have been a self employed entrepreneur running a small publishing business in Ottawa, Canada for 16 years. I developed 4 management reference handbooksin checklist format
and have sold these books to hundreds of customers in 85 countries around the world.

Recently, I have had a very significant decline in business, to the point, that I need to move on and find new business opportunities.

As an entrepreneur (it’s in my blood), I would love to come up with another business opportunity. After a lot of googling, I have not come up with an idea so far. I even contacted some entrepreneurship centres across the country. They could provide lots of help with the process of starting up a business but not with helping to come up with another business idea.

I know I’m not the only small business person who is facing the situation of having to move on as a result of the economic circumstances. I just need to find another business idea. I have developed a business model that identifies how I want to work but I don’t have the “what” yet. I’m looking for online sites or other resources that provide a list of business ideas (I have found a few through google searching) that one can consider. Then, based on my passions (which I have written down), the ideas found on these lists would trigger my thoughts into generating a business idea that I would be passionate about and could start to pursue.

Can you please offer any suggestions on where I might search to come up with lists of new business ideas. As mentioned, I have been on google a lot and have come up with some ideas but, so far, not one that I’m passionate about.

Thank you.
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