Scaling up for sales — Optimize your online business

October 14, 2014 - Tags: Customers E-business Sales

When thinking about scaling your online business, you may find it challenging to focus on growth while providing your customers with your best products and service. Focusing on these areas may help when scaling your e-business.

Find routine tasks that you can automate

Be prepared for your business' growth. Do you find that you aren't able to keep up with demand or tasks are accidentally falling through the cracks? Try using automated systems to label your shipments and schedule the shipping of your products.

Make payment processing easy

To keep your customers satisfied, come up with an efficient way to process payments. Ensure that your business is able to process online payments by credit and/or debit card as well as online money transfers. Some of your clients may prefer having a standing order that is automatically fulfilled, shipped and charged.

Keep an eye on the competition

Find out what the competition is up to. Compare your websites with theirs. What are you offering your online community that they are not?

Improve customer relationships

Be sure to protect your customer's personal and credit card information. Be aware of privacy regulations that dictate how you may collect, use and disclose your customers personal information.

If you run a bricks and mortar business in combination with an e-business, are you equipped to handle the growth that you are envisioning? Develop a strategy or re-write your business plan to map out your plan for growth. Visit our promoting and advertising page.

Additional tips to keep in mind when scaling your online business for growth:

  • Use web analytics to measure everything — know where your traffic comes from, what works and what doesn't.
  • Get customer feedback and act on suggested improvements wherever possible.
  • Use social media effectively — learn more about SEO.
  • Generate new website content or repurpose older website content. Consider adding product videos or feature products or sales.

Today's consumers have countless options when it comes to online shopping. When you provide your customers with a simple and seamless shopping experience, you will reap the rewards and satisfaction of business growth.

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