Do you want to expand your client base or maybe just start a low-cost business? Many entrepreneurs are now starting or expanding their business by using vans, trucks and recreational vehicles as their offices. Gone are the days when the only mobile businesses you would see were ice cream trucks and hot dog stands!

Some examples of mobile businesses that are now hitting the pavement include:

  • veterinary and pet grooming services
  • food vending and preparation services
  • professional services (consulting, accounting, computer repair)
  • personal care services (massage therapy, beauty services)

As with any business, it is always good for you to survey the competition in your area and ensure you have a business and operating plan in place. The key to making money in the beginning is to arrange jobs close to home to cut down on travel and fuel costs.

Here are some advantages to having a mobile business:

  • easy office set up; low overhead costs
  • flexible hours and days of operation
  • less expensive than maintaining a store or office (that is rent, furniture, utilities)
  • one-on-one contact with the client
  • opportunities to expand and find niche markets

For further information on business start-up or business expansion, check out the Business start-up checklist and our section on Managing and growing.