Recruiting in-house and online

November 9, 2010 - Tags: Employers E-business

If you are interested in lowering your recruitment budget and streamlining your business operations, you may want to consider in-house recruitment or an automated online process. You can use your human resources staff to coordinate sourcing, screening and selecting potential candidates, and work with more traditional recruitment agencies when needed.

One place to start is by posting job opportunities on your Internet or Intranet site. Generally speaking, the larger your business, the more traffic there is to your site. Because online recruiting provides you with virtually unlimited reach, you have the potential to access potential employees in almost every job category.

When you use your Intranet to post jobs and recruit from within your business, you are targeting employees who are likely already qualified and are familiar with your business goals. Another way to recruit in-house is to use employee referrals, by taking advantage of current employees' social networks. This method can improve candidate "fit" and retention levels within the organization.

If you want to cast an even wider net, or search for candidates with specific skills, job boards or job banks can help. These online recruiting services are delivered through service providers, and generally specialize in specific job categories, geographic areas or niche groups. For example, a job board may focus on technicians in a particular industry, or workers belonging to designated groups. The recruiting services vary; some allow applicants to contact you directly with their resumes, while others offer to screen and qualify the applicants themselves before passing them on to you.

Service Canada's Job Bank allows you to advertise and manage your job posting free of charge, accept online applications and find qualified job candidates through the tool Job Match for Employers. As well, you can also create an exclusive employer profile page for your business.

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