Recent Enhancements to ROE Web

January 16, 2014 - Tags: Employers

This guest post is provided by Service Canada, which offers Canadians a single point of access to a wide range of Government of Canada programs and services either in person, by phone, by Internet, or by mail.

Service Canada recently launched new enhancements to Record of Employment on the Web (ROE Web), a reliable and convenient Web-based application which allows employers and payroll service providers to create, submit and print 53-week ROEs online.

ROE Web makes it easier for you to fill out ROEs and simplifies the processing of workers' Employment Insurance claims.

Take advantage of a new account structure and features. Some of the added benefits include increased filing flexibility, ease of use and action-based navigation.

Not using ROE Web yet? The registration process for ROE Web has been simplified!

You can now complete your entire registration online. Simply follow these steps to get started:

1. Sign-in — The Primary Officer (PO), the person who will manage the ROE Web account on behalf of the organization, must create a profile and input the organization details, including the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number.
2. Validate — The PO must authenticate his/her identity. Online authentication is fast and easy using a CRA account.
3. Activate — Enter the authorization code that Service Canada mailed to the business owner or chief executive officer, and accept the ROE Web agreement to start using ROE Web.

Once registered, you can take advantage of the many other benefits of ROE Web:

Save time and increase productivity

  • Submit up to 1,200 electronic ROEs at once and import key ROE information back into your payroll system for easy reference and record keeping.

Increase filing flexibility

  • If you file your ROEs electronically, you have greater flexibility because your filing deadlines are based on your pay cycle, not on when the earnings stopped.  

Improve the quality and accuracy of ROEs

  • ROE Web provides pre-filled information, online help and built-in edits to ensure that forms are filled out accurately. ROEs are instantly validated, which means you receive fewer follow-up requests for information from Service Canada.

Reduce paper burden

  • With ROE Web, you no longer need to order or store paper ROE forms or to send copies to Service Canada, and you are not required to print paper copies for your employees. They can access their ROEs via their My Service Canada Account.

Learn more

For more information and to register, visit ROE Web.

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