Ready to recruit: Don't let top talent slip away

October 29, 2012 - Tags: Employers

Your employees are your greatest assets, so why start the recruitment process only when you have a specific job to fill? Always be ready for top talent; when quality people come your way, know how to find a place for them in your business.

Keep abreast of potential candidates by involving your network. Personal connections and word of mouth can fill the job; someone who has been personally recommended may be unavailable, but willing to refer someone else.

Savvy job-seekers attend industry events and participate in activities in their areas of expertise. They know, as well as you do, that opportunities can present themselves at any time. If you're involved in social media or online business forums, you might connect with potential candidates worth meeting offline.

Being prepared for opportune moments is important: make sure you can give star candidates a good reason to come on-board. You may need to consider a few questions:

  • How can you attract the right candidates to your business?
  • Does your hiring process allow you to choose the best?
  • What can you offer them?
  • How can you keep them?

Why not create a pitch to convince candidates of the value of your business the way you would a potential client or investor? Why would they choose your business over any other? Your business goals must become shared goals in order for candidates to invest in your vision. “What's in it for them?” is a question you must be able to answer at all times.

If you aren't receiving a steady stream of résumés, take a step back to assess your business:

  • Does it represent what appeals to candidates right now?
  • Is your corporate culture up to date or behind the times?
  • Are you involved in social media and social responsibility?

Your potential candidate's emotional intelligence is as important as skills and competence. Look for someone who will be a good organizational fit, even though this person might not be perfect for the original position you had in mind. And remember – always be on the lookout for talent to cultivate from within your organization.

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