Launching a new product in today's marketplace can be complex and highly competitive. Let's assume that you have already researched your product or idea and have determined that customers want or need it and are willing to pay for it. So how can you position yourself to succeed? Planning may reduce some of the risk and pitfalls associated with a product launch. Making a checklist of the strategies to implement and the steps to take pre- and post-launch may help you be better prepared for launch day.

Some steps to include in your checklist:


  • Set a date and time. Choose a date when your product and customers will be available and when you anticipate sales to be at their highest.
  • Prepare marketing material: ads, product information and instructions, infographics, videos, testimonials, announcements, teasers, and entries for various social media platforms.
  • Create a pre-launch buzz; you may want to find influencers, affiliates (businesses that promote your product in return for financial compensation) or customers who can test your product and start talking about it.
  • Confirm that adequate inventory is available and distribution methods are established.
  • Update your website and make sure your product will be displayed prominently.
  • Verify your payment systems and check that your site can handle increased traffic.
  • Test your product and marketing material with staff, friends and family to ensure you are reaching your audience.

Launch day

  • Have extra employees available. Make sure they are trained and capable of answering client questions on the new product.
  • Create excitement: offer demos, samples, special offers, or coupons.
  • Send out announcements via different channels.
  • Have fun – let your excitement be infectious.


  • Track sales and monitor inventory.
  • Respond to both positive and negative customer comments about your product.
  • Get testimonials or develop case studies.
  • Keep the momentum going with added promotions, enhancements or more advertising.
  • Analyze why the product was successful or not through customer feedback or surveys.

There are many other steps that can be included in your checklist, so be sure to do your research and include other ideas suitable for your situation. Creating a checklist may help you be better prepared for your product launch and contribute to its success!

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