Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs

June 29, 2010 - Tags: Training Managing Startup

Are you a young Canadian with a business idea? Take advantage of opportunities for entrepreneurs like yourself to start or expand your business!

Whether you're developing a business plan, seeking guidance and mentorship or ready to start a marketing campaign, there are programs to support you every step of the way, including:

  • mentorship and coaching programs
  • budgeting and accounting seminars
  • marketing workshops
  • business plan writing seminars

Financing may be available to help you overcome the financial challenges that can affect young business people. Government programs can help you access the grants and loans you need to start or expand your business.

For more information on being your own boss, check out the Canadian Youth Business Foundation's website. You can also get useful information on our Networking, Coaching and Business Counselling Services page (link no longer available). A list of financing programs can be found on our Financing for Youth page (link no longer available).


Posted by Canada.ca on November 18, 2011
Hello Moeen,

For help or guidance on starting your health/medical magazine, you can consult Magazines Canada's article on How to Start a Magazine. You could also contact your local Magazine Publishers Association.
Posted by Moeen on November 17, 2011
I want to be able to start a health/medical magazine company where myself and a couple of other people would write articles on different aspects of health and medical information around Canada and worldwide (if possible). I would like to know if its possible and if possible, what are the ways around to getting it started. Thank you
Posted by Canada.ca on October 18, 2011
Hello Andres,

You may want to get underway by looking at our section on Starting a business for tips on developing a business plan and getting started. There is also a lot of useful information relevant to your plans under the topic of Importing, especially about finding suppliers. The Importing and the Permits and licences sections may also be of interest to you.

If you need any more help, do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-576-4444 or
TTY: 1-800-457-8466 (hearing impaired), or contact one of our regional business service centres.

Best of luck in getting your coffee import/export business off the ground.
Posted by Andres on October 17, 2011
Hello, you have very useful information on here. I want to open my own import export business selling coffee from another country and selling it here. How can I start? What permits do I need? Can the Gov. help me? Where do I have to go? Who would I have to talk to, these are some of the questions I am concerned about. If you can please help me out it would be very appreciated.

Thank you,
Posted by Canada.ca on August 5, 2011
Hello Deva,

To learn more about your options as a young entrepreneur, contact The Canadian Youth Business Foundation to find out about financing programs, mentorship opportunities, and other support services.

Best of luck with your business!
Posted by Deva on August 1, 2011

My name is deva and i am an international student have part time work permit willing to start a small business in Vancouver B.C.

Will you tell me weather could start my own small business if yes please tell me way to start.
Posted by Canada.ca on July 21, 2011
Hi Mohsin

Our Government Grants, Loans and Financing search is an excellent place to start. Here you can filter results by industry, location, demographic group and/or the reason you are looking for financing. The Grants and Finances section also links to some community-based and private sector financing resources.

If you are planning to buy a gas station that is a part of a franchise, you can also contact the Canadian Franchise Association to learn more about your financing options.

You can also learn more about financing for your business by visiting Getting a business start-up loan from your bank or credit union.

Contact Canada Business Ontario or call 1-888-745-8888 (TTY 1-800-457-8466) to learn more about starting a business in Ontario.
Posted by Mohsin on July 15, 2011

My question is I want to buy a branded gas station business in GTA or surrounding areas.

Would you please route me to the source which can guide me to get any financial support available for buying a business like a gas station.

Best Rgds,

Posted by Ryan on March 8, 2011
I just wanted to let all those who enquire know that the summer company program is a great way to start a business, although right now I believe its only in Ontario. Two years ago I started my business and received funding through the WESBC and now sit as a mentor to other startups.
Posted by Canada.ca on December 14, 2010
Hi Rachael,

To find out what the existing and future demand is for such a service, you'll need to conduct some research. You may want to determine if someone else is offering the same service and what their level of success is. You'll want to get a good idea of the demand for the service and how much people are willing to pay. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to determine the best location for your storefront or office. These are just some of the details you'll want to find out. Our section on Conducting market research will help you get started.
Posted by Rachael on December 13, 2010

I am interested in doing something related to finances and youth under the age of 20. I have an idea of perhaps becoming a financial advisor or maybe even starting up a business where there is a niche market for it, but I would love to hear some input as to if this is a practical idea.

Posted by Mohammad on November 19, 2010
I have started import business which comprises of purchase of used workshop machinery generators small used equipments and even large machines from developed countries and supply to middle income countries like India and African countries through UAE market countries, as the same is in great demand as such machinery is still useful.
Posted by Canada.ca on September 15, 2010
Hi Kevin,

You can search for applicable funding programs under Government Grants.
Posted by Canada.ca on September 14, 2010
Hello Leo,

To learn more about your financing options as a young entrepreneur, contact Futurpreneur Canada to find out about their loan programs and support services.

Best of luck with your business!
Posted by kevin on September 8, 2010
Hi i am looking to open a teeth whitening business in my local mall. In british Columbia, I will have 10 000 dollars to put into it by December and we are planning on opening February First, but I was hoping to find out if there are any grants or any other way I am able to get assistance for living or unexpected costs etc. Any suggestions? Unfortunately I have been discharged for 2 years now from a previous time in my life.
Posted by Leo on September 1, 2010
Hello my name is Leo and I was just wondering what kind of businesses this program supports? Say if I wanted to start my own film and production company would I be eligible?
Posted by Canada.ca on August 24, 2010
Good day I'm enquiring on grants and loans for my company for building custom homes and new subdivions here in canada,My company is based out of Cold Lake ,Alberta and I plan to build across canada,thank you Larry Ouellette, LynRich Homes Inc.
Posted by Canada.ca on August 20, 2010
Hi Salman,

If you are interested in moving to Canada to start a business, you may be eligible to immigrate under the Business Immigration Program. This program will provide you with the criteria you need to start a business in Canada as an investor
Posted by Canada.ca on August 19, 2010
Hi Teresa,

In response to your questions:

1. We suggest taking a look at the information available on Registering Your Business. Under the section on business structures is information on what type of business structure may be right for your line of business. You may also be interested in the information on our E-business section that provides information about using the internet for your business.
Posted by Canada.ca on August 19, 2010
Hi Wendy,

Although, we do not have a specific list of business ideas that may be successful, we do have information on developing your ideas for your new business venture. This information will help you evaluate your idea and determine what your chances of making a profit from that idea are. You may also wish to access our Business start-up checklist that will help guide you to the information you need to get started on the right foot.
Posted by Adam on August 7, 2010
Thank you, I will see through your advice.

Posted by Teresa on July 26, 2010

I am in the process of establishing my on-line business, I'm starting to gather necessary information needed to start the business, I have few questions:

1. if its an on-line business do I need to register it even if its just small?

2. do you offer any training for entrepreneur like me who's just starting the business?

3. who will be the right authority to talk to when it comes to online business?

thanks and regards,

Posted by Salman on July 25, 2010
Hi I have a brilliant idea of starting a business in whole Canada with very low budget and slowly it can be made a bigger business. Kindly guide me can how can i get visa or license or anything which allows me to come to Canada and start business over there and to create employment opportunities for Canadians as well.


Posted by Wendy on July 25, 2010

I have been thinking of starting a business in Canada. Where can I have a list of some business ideas that I could succeed with.

Thank you

Posted by Adam on July 20, 2010
I am a young man 26 yrs, whose planning on opening a restaurant in Toronto. I have experience working in restaurant, but lack the experience of starting an own business, especially a restaurant. I know there are lot of aspects to deal with such as legal, licensing, loans, lease etc. So I was hoping whether there's any resources or government assistance that i can get as a mentoring or consulting. I have developed a restaurant concept, scouted few potential places, and have cash to invest for it. Any suggestions or help is deeply appreciated.
Posted by Canada.ca on July 15, 2010
Hello Ganesh,

Thank you for your comment. Here is some information to get you started.

Non-Canadians who want to start a new business in Canada are regulated under the Investment Canada Act. Canada Business can help you understand these regulations and learn about:
Posted by Canada.ca on July 15, 2010
Hi Jennifer,

Although there is no set age for starting a business, there may be certain age requirements for legal documents, incorporation, renting property or taking out insurance. Any business you start that would need legal contracts or business registration would require you to be 18 years old.

Good luck on your future business opportunities!
Posted by Ganesh on July 1, 2010
Respected Sir/Madam,

This is Ganesh, an Indian Student in Canada pursuing a Post graduate program in Project Management at Sheridan School of Advanced Learning. I hold a total of 5 years of IT industry experience from India. I am willing to start my own Business in Toronto, CA.
How can the organization help me?

warm regards,
Posted by Jennifer on June 30, 2010
Can high school student start a business? How old do you have to be?
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