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You may find it difficult to keep track of the many licenses, permits, official documents and government accounts that are needed to run your business. Maybe you're having trouble finding the information you need to start your new business. Many levels of governments in Canada offer online solutions to help you with these kinds of issues. In Ontario, you can use ServiceOntario's ONe-Source for business to:

  • Register your business
  • Search for business and funding programs
  • Find and apply for permits and licences

If you run more than one business or manage different business projects, you can also use ONe-Source to create multiple business profiles for each business or project under one account, and store your searches, forms and other information.

Try ONe-Source for business to help make your day-to-day business interactions easier.


Posted by on January 27, 2012
Hello Jas,

Our Importing section and the Canada Border Services Agency’s Step-by-Step Guide to Importing can help you learn about the basics of importing goods in Canada.

If you are considering importing garments, our CA Identification Number for textiles: Who are you? blog has information on the labelling requirements for the goods you import into Canada.

Our Grants and Finances section is an excellent place to look for financing. You can find financing programs by selecting parameters such as your industry, your location and/or the reason you are looking for financing. This section also has important information about managing your finances.

Good luck with your new business!
Posted by jas on January 26, 2012
hi i want to start a business about garmets ready to wear from china,or somewhere in asia,,but the label of each product i want it under my new business name,, is there any available government grands, for this type of business,,, how about refurbished electronics ,,,,, what type of loan do u think is the best one for me,,,is there anyway i get approved of any loan,,even i just received my discharge less than a year!! thnks i reall appreciate ur help.. god bless!!!
Posted by on July 13, 2011
Hi Vasu,

There are a number of resources you can look into for financing for your health care manufacturing unit.

Our Grants and Finances section is an excellent place to start your search. Within this section, you can view or search financing programs offered by governments by selecting parameters such as your industry, your location, your demographic group and/or the reason you are looking for financing. The section also links to some community-based and private sector financing resources.

Our Steps to growth capital guide is designed to help you develop the plan, the materials and the confidence to go after equity financing.

Keep in mind that most lenders will want to see a well-prepared business plan in advance of providing financial assistance. Consult our Business Planning section for more information on how to capture the essence of your business.

If you are still having difficulty finding business financing that is right for you, feel free to contact the Canada Business service centre in your region for further assistance. Good luck with your new business!
Posted by VASU on July 13, 2011
I wish to set up a health care manufacturing unit in Canada. For this I need to know how and where I can manage to get grants & funds for this. Please guide and let me know your terms & conditions with charges, if any.
Posted by d on February 28, 2011
Permits, rules and regulations that are in place by Canada Customs are in favor of Canada Customs ONLY, not for the small business in Ontario. If your commission is to reduce the RED TAPE, Canada Customs would be an excellant place to start. They hinder startup of neW small business within the GTA
Posted by on January 6, 2011
Hello Akhter,

The Canadian Importers Database provides lists of companies importing goods into Canada
Posted by on January 5, 2011
Hi Beverly,

Bankers will usually want to know your personal and business net worth as well as your credit history for both personal and business loans. The major difference between a personal and a business loan is that personal loans are guaranteed by your personal assets, and a business loan will generally be secured by inventory, the business's working capital or the business assets.

To learn more about financing for your business, you can visit Getting a business start-up loan from your bank or credit union or use the Canada Business financing search tool for information on grants and loans available to small business.
Posted by Paul Whitaker on January 1, 2011
Pleasantly appealing. Laid out in an intuitive 'what matters' way.

I appreciate that it does not take long to find the information, so that one can spend more time reading the information.
Posted by on December 30, 2010
Hi Murrium,

Creating a not-for-profit corporation is much like starting any other business. Depending on the industry and the way you choose to structure the business, the process and requirements can vary. A good place to start is the Not-for-Profit Info-Guide
Posted by Akhter on December 27, 2010
I want to export Bangladeshi ready made garments to Canada need Canadian buyers.
Posted by Murrium on December 25, 2010
How would I make a non profit organisation?
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