New Year's resolutions for business

January 5, 2012 - Tags: Customers Planning Regulations

It is the time of year when many people are making resolutions — lose a few pounds, quit smoking, learn a new language — but, the new year is also the perfect time to look back on your business' progress over the past year and plan for the future.

Here are three things to get you started on planning and setting goals for the new year and every year.

1) Update Your Business Plan

Keeping your business plan up to date gives you the chance to see where your business currently stands, and can help you develop a strategy for growth. It is important to revisit your plan regularly, and to update it to include any new goals or changes in the market. Leave yourself room to grow and be flexible as your business grows and changes with your chosen market. To learn more about business planning, you can visit the planning, section of our website.

2) Create/Update a Succession Plan

Creating a succession plan is one of the most important things you can do for the life of your business. A succession plan can help you provide financial security for your family and stakeholders, and guarantee the continuity of service for your customers. You can also experience a smoother transition when you are ready to hand over your business. To learn more about creating a succession plan, you can visit our Succession planning guide.

3) Make Your Business Accessible

One of the biggest changes for Ontario business owners in 2012 will be ensuring that their businesses are accessible to people with disabilities. Making your business accessible can involve more than making sure your physical location is accessible. It also involves ensuring that your website and staff are welcoming to customers and employees with disabilities. To learn more about accessibility and your business, visit the Access ON website.

Being prepared for the future and for changes in the way you do business is an important part of running your own business. Browse the Canada Business website to learn more about business growth accessibility and {inline-5}.

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