Network to globalize your business: How the Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) Program can help

This guest blog post is provided by Business Women in International Trade (BWIT), a program of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) which supports Canadian women entrepreneurs as they pursue opportunities in international markets.

If you are a women-owned business looking to export, networking is a strategic way to garner greater success in your business's expansion. Businesses interested in exporting will greatly benefit from leveraging networking opportunities from foreign, domestic and e-communication networks. The Business Women in International Trade program acts as a facilitator in business women's exporting aspirations.

Building your network with BWIT

As a Canadian government program, BWIT has a long record of credibility and legitimacy that allows us to partner with multiple organizations and associations in Canada and abroad. Our partners inform us on opportunities open to business women as soon as they become available; we pass these on through our website, monthly email and LinkedIn Group. In addition to our partners, we have access to the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) network with trade commissioners operating in 161 offices in Canada and abroad. The TCS provides valuable insights and business intelligence in your target market and can act as a hub to connect you to global markets.

Taking advantage of BWIT services

At BWIT, we offer advice to women entrepreneurs or business owners on minimizing the challenges that come with exporting into new and unfamiliar markets, as well as facilitate connections with various networks domestically and abroad.  Because we offer a wide range of services, business women can take advantage of opportunities for networking to leverage their exporting objectives. Some of our services include:  

BWIT acts as a great hub and support base for women entrepreneurs and business owners. Take advantage of our services to increase your networks and to access opportunities in international trade. We encourage you to contact us at

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