This guest blog post is provided by the Canadian Business Women in International Trade program, providing support, networking and resources for women entrepreneurs focused on global success.

Marketing your company's products and services can be expensive and time consuming, but what if there was a place where procurement professionals from around the world could seek out your company?  And what if this opportunity was free?

Let us help you promote your company

The Trade Commissioner Service's Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) program is dedicated to assisting, promoting and advocating for Canadian women-owned businesses in their pursuit to achieve international success.  Understanding the importance of marketing your company internationally, BWIT in partnership with Industry Canada's Canadian Company Capabilities (CCC) database have launched a specialized directory for women-owned businesses to assist you in capitalizing on the opportunities that arise from global commerce.

If your organization has majority female ownership (>51% owned by women) then sign up to the Specialized Directory today!

Why Sign Up?

The women-owned specialized directory is housed in Industry Canada's Canadian Company Capabilities database.  The CCC has grown to become a key repository for many international organizations looking to do business with Canadian companies. 

The database includes over 60,000 Canadian company profiles and attracts over five million visitors and procurement professionals to the site annually from around the world.

Registration in the directory will allow your company to be easily identifiable as a woman-owned business by not only potential buyers and distributors but also by prospective business partners who have interest in doing business with Canadian women entrepreneurs.

Register today to the specialized women-owned business directory and let your international marketing assistant do the work for you. 

Stay connected to BWIT

In addition to signing up to the special directory, be sure to stay connected to BWIT to be informed of new tools, resources and initiatives designed to help Canadian business women grow globally.  By connecting with BWIT, you will also gain access to the full gamut of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) tools and resources to help further your pursuit for international success. Sign up today!

If you have any questions regarding the women-owned specialized directory, BWIT or the TCS, contact the BWIT team at and make sure to visit the BWIT website and become a member of the BWIT LinkedIn Group.