Micro-managing vs delegation

December 19, 2016 - Tags: Employers Managing

Good management is essential to the long-term success of any business. Although there are many different management styles to choose from, micro-management and delegation are the most widely recognized techniques used within the business world. To become a successful manager, you must learn to assess a situation and determine which tasks are beneficial to delegate and when it may be necessary to micro-manage.


Delegation involves assigning tasks to your employees that can be easily completed by someone other than you. If you choose to manage your employees using delegation, ensure that you remain in control of critical tasks that only you are equipped to handle.

Benefits of delegation:


  • Only delegate tasks to employees who have the knowledge and/or experience to manage them
    • Failure can be detrimental to an employee's morale and limit the overall success of your business
  • Once you have delegated a task, ensure you are available to oversee your employee's progress and provide necessary feedback, guidance, and encouragement


Micro-managing involves engaging in close supervision and control over your employees and their work. Micro-management is often considered a negative management approach; however there are some notable situations in which micro-managing may be beneficial to your small business.

Benefits of micro-managing:

  • Micro-management is essential when training employees new to your business
  • Provides guidance to employees who consistently under-perform and require further direction
  • Ensures you remain in control of critical tasks and important projects

Consequences of micro-managing:

  • Ineffective use of time and energy
  • Loss of respect
  • Risk of creating dependent employees
  • Prevents employees from learning and doing their jobs
  • Danger of high employee turnover due to loss of trust and decreased job satisfaction

Whether you choose delegation or micro-management, there are a number of different management styles that you can use to ensure the long-term success of your small business. Keeping these tips in mind, now it's your turn to decide what management style works best for you!

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