Mentally healthy workplaces matter

July 11, 2013 - Tags: Employers

If someone told you that creating a mentally healthy work environment could improve your business, would you do it? Your employees' mental health may seem like a subject to avoid and something that applies only to their personal life, but promoting mental health in your workplace could make a difference for your employees at home and at work.

What is mental health?
There are many different levels of mental health and mental illness. If a bad day is causing you stress, you may be affected differently than someone who is fighting depression, but you are both dealing with mental health issues. Providing support to employees who are struggling with such issues could help manage some of the pressure stigma they may be dealing with.

Effects of mental health
Mental health can affect your employees' quality of life, quality of work, attendance and productivity. Creating a mentally healthy workplace could help your employees improve how well they are able to handle everyday work pressures. It is also your duty as an employer to provide certain accommodations to people with mental disabilities and strive to keep your workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

Improving mental health
There are several ways that you can focus on improving mental health in your business. As an employer, you could:

  • Learn how to support employees who are struggling with mental health issues
  • Incorporate healthy lifestyle programs that encourage healthy eating and physical activity
  • Create flexible work schedules
  • Reduce the workload or improve processes
  • Encourage employees to take regular breaks
  • Encourage employees to provide input on ways to manage workplace stress

Taking small steps to improve mental well-being in your office or workplace could lead to better health for you and your employees.

Resources for employers
If you're looking for more ideas, services and resources to help you deal with mental health issues in the workplace, visit the Mental Health Matters and Mental Health Works websites.

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