Using labour market data to support your business: check out Statistics Canada's newest tool!

May 11, 2017 - Tags: Employers Research and data

This guest blog post is provided by Statistics Canada which is responsible for producing statistics that help Canadians better understand their country — its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, Labour Market Indicators (LMIs) provide a valuable snapshot of the local workforce, relative to other parts of the country. In fact, some of Statistics Canada's most sought-after data are the monthly figures on employment, unemployment and labour force participation — three essential LMIs.

Those users who access labour data using the popular LMI Desktop Application will be pleased to learn that this application has been replaced with a new and improved web-based dashboard, making it easier than ever to track the ups and downs of the labour market across the country.

A more user-friendly interface

The new dashboard features an updated interface that is both interactive and customizable. Key LMIs can be viewed on a map and a chart, showing labour force characteristics at the national, provincial or census metropolitan area level.

Visually, the new application offers a broader picture of these indicators. Users can simultaneously view the map, the chart, the tables and the key indicators within one screen, and click a specific geographic location to update all LMIs.

Looking ahead

While the dashboard currently contains Labour Force Survey data, updates are scheduled for later in 2017, when labour market data from other surveys will be added to the application.

Statistics Canada is increasingly focused on finding more dynamic and interactive ways to present data visually, and the new LMI dashboard is just the beginning. To better support the needs of users, the agency will be releasing several data visualization products over the next year, including thematic maps, a 2016 Census data viewer, a population clock and chord diagrams. Stay tuned!

Check it out

Test drive the new LMI dashboard and let us know what you think!

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