Involved in international trade? Make use of market analysis tools

June 25, 2012 - Tags: Market research Import Export

If you import or export your goods, you may want to do research on global trade and market access in order to implement the strategy that is best for your business. Did you know that as a Canadian entrepreneur, you have free access to five online tools that can help you with your market analyses?

These are the five online market analysis tools available to you:

Trade Map: These monthly, quarterly or yearly statistics, trends and indicators on international trade flows can help you prioritize export markets. You can see the movement, performance and value of over 5300 products. This information can help you determine where there may be a demand for your products and who your competitors are.

Market Access Map: Use this to find customs tariffs and import duties or to compare yourself to your competitors. This tool includes a tariff simulation facility that helps you analyse market access issues and prepare for trade negotiations.

Investment Map: This tool combines information on Foreign Direct Investment, trade, market access and foreign affiliate company data, so it can be used to help you identify market opportunities all over the world.

Trade Competitiveness Map: Also known as the Country map, this resource provides country market analysis profiles for about 240 countries and territories. Each profile presents a series of tools to help you facilitate strategic market research, monitor national and sectoral trade and macro-economic performance and design trade development strategies.

Standards Map: With this tool, you can access academic and scientific papers and research articles discussing private standards. You'll be able to compare private standards requirements at different levels of analysis ranging from social and environmental requirements to detailed criteria on issues such as food safety or carbon emissions measures.

These portals can provide you with a window onto global trade and international market access. To become familiar with these tools, you can make use of the interactive training materials offered online. These include PowerPoint presentations, video tutorials, user guides and follow-up exercises to help you learn more about how to get the most out of the various market analysis tools. To use these tools at no cost, register online with your email address and be sure to indicate that you are registering from Canada.

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