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May 23, 2017 - Tags: Entrepreneurship

Have you just started a business and would like advice from someone who knows the steps involved in getting a business off the ground? Or have you been in business a while, but are looking to grow?  Our new, easy-to-use networking search tool can help you find business support organizations in your region and help you locate the services you need.

What do you need to get started?


  • One or more categories — what service are you seeking?
  • A  region — most activities are offered municipally
  • Your audience — locate services that are specific to you

The organizations in the search tool are broken down into 4 categories:

Networking: A scheduled period of time where entrepreneurs can mingle. This can include events such as general meetings, 5-7s or based on a speed-dating model.

Mentoring: A matching service, (more personality based) that creates a formal relationship between a new entrepreneur and an experienced business person. The mentor's role is generally to share their own experience or to be a sounding board.

Coaching: A service that provides business coaching to entrepreneurs to help them advance towards a specific entrepreneurial goal. More topic-specific than mentoring.

Advising: A service that provides guidance and information intended to inform an entrepreneur and help them make business decisions (does not make decisions for the entrepreneur).

Your results:

As you narrow your search, the results that appear will be tailored to you and your business needs. If you find that the results are too narrow, de-select search fields to better suit your needs.

Remember to check back often because we will continue to add new organizations to our Networking tool to help serve you better. For services other than networking, mentoring, coaching, and advising, please visit our Business support organizations page.


Posted by on June 1, 2017
Bonjour Marlus,

Nous vous remercions d’avoir communiqué avec Entreprises Canada. Nous sommes toujours heureux de répondre à vos questions sur le démarrage d’une petite entreprise au Canada ou sur l’expansion d’une entreprise existante.

Vous trouverez une quantité importante de ressources pour le démarrage, la gestion et l’expansion d’une entreprise sur notre site Web: Nous vous invitons à consulter entre autres, les sections suivantes :

• Modèles de plans d'affaires et gabarits
• Trouver des occasions d'affaires sur les marchés extérieurs
• Recherche de programmes, incluant les programmes de financement

Pour une assistance personnalisée, nous vous invitons à venir nous rencontrer au centre du Réseau Entreprises Canada de votre région—Ressources Entreprises. Nos conseillers aux entreprises pourront vous aiguiller dans votre processus, et ce sans frais.

Pour obtenir des renseignements supplémentaires sur le démarrage ou l’expansion d’une entreprise au Canada, communiquez avec Entreprises Canada

Posted by Marlus on May 31, 2017

Je m'appelle Marlus [...] et j'habite à Québec [...].

Je suis en train d'élaborer mon plan d'affaires pour l'ouverture d'une agence de commerce international spécialisée dans le développément du marché brésilien pour les PME canadiennes, n'importe leurs secteurs d'activité mais plus concentré sur le secteur agroalimentaire. Cependant, je na'ai pas beaucoup d'expérience pratique en commerce international et j'ai quelques questions concernant le bon modèle d'affaire à être utilisé et j'aimerai également savoir davantage comment profiter des subventions offertes par le gouvernement.

Bref, l'outil de réseautage m'intéresse beaucoup (avoir un mentor) et j'aimerais avoir plus d'information pour effectivement avoir quelqu'un qui peut me guider dans mes démarches.

En attente de votre réponse, je vous souhaite une bonne journée.

Posted by on May 24, 2017
Hello Afzal,

Thank you for contacting Canada Business. We are a government organization that helps entrepreneurs start or grow their business in Canada.

To determine your eligibility for coming to Canada to work, study or live on a permanent basis, please use this online tool from the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

You will find further information on job opportunities, work permits, and options for coming to Canada temporarily or permanently on their Work in Canada page.

To help get your venture off the ground, check out our Starting a business page for some of the things you'll need to take care of. Our Business start-up checklist can help you with the basics like planning, organizing, registering, and hiring. For further reading on the topic, you may learn from our blog articles that focus on the topic of start-up

If you have further questions about starting or growing your business in Canada, please contact us for assistance.

Thank you.
Posted by Afzal on May 24, 2017
We are interested to start small business please advice how to get visa, we have already visitor visa until 2020
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