Introducing digital literacy

July 4, 2017 - Tags: E-business Technology Managing

What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy is the foundation for making good use of digital technology. Digital literacy can be thought of as a mix of skills and knowledge necessary for using the Internet, computers, and other digital devices safely and effectively.

Is your business ready to take advantage of digital technology?

Canadian businesses are going digital. They are benefiting from improvements to their day-to-day operations and the opportunities of e-commerce. Businesses are using digital technology to simplify, and even automate, routine tasks in areas such as human resources. They are reaching new customers with digital marketing, and they are selling their products on a global market over the Internet.

How can we help?

Canada Business Network has launched a new digital literacy section. Take some time to explore important digital literacy topics to help your business adopt digital technologies. The new pages introduce essential information that you can use to start building your digital literacy.

On our page, you can find answers to important questions such as:

Prepare yourself and your business to go digital. Explore our new digital literacy pages today!

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