How To Make Your Small or Medium Business (SMB) a #CyberSafeBusiness

April 4, 2016 - Tags: E-business Managing

This guest blog post is provided by Public Safety Canada which leads Get Cyber Safe, a national public awareness campaign about Internet security and online safety.

Online fraudsters are increasingly targeting small-and-medium-sized businesses in Canada. It's important to understand which parts of your business are the most vulnerable to being hacked so you can avoid the risks and make sure you have a cybersafe business!

Here are tips to protecting three vulnerable areas in your business:

1. Personal Devices

  • Develop a plan for managing devices (for example, accessing and controlling them remotely, or blocking certain functions).
  • Log the serial numbers of all mobile devices in case of loss or theft.
  • Ensure that all mobile business devices have passwords and are locked when not in use.
  • Protect your data with security features and anti-malware software.
  • When a device has been lost or stolen, advise employees to report it immediately, alert the police, recover the device, or remotely wipe device's content.

2. Email

  • Be cautious of emails that are too good to be true, that contain a suspicious link or that ask for your personal information.
  • Report any suspicious activity to a supervisor and then contact the police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre about the incident.
  • If an unusual email appears to be from a recognized organization or client, contact them directly (not as a reply) to ask if they sent the email.

3. Employee Departures

When an employee leaves your organization:

  • Change all passwords used by the employee.
  • Remove permissions to external and internal networks.
  • Make sure the departing employee no longer has access to company social media accounts.
  • Find out if the employee has access to colleagues' passwords, and if so, change those as well.

Find out more about running a #CyberSafeBusiness in the free Get Cyber Safe Guide for Small and Medium Businesses, available online at

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