How to make your business move a success

June 9, 2014 - Tags: Managing

Are you planning on relocating your business? If so, once the lease has been signed or you have the keys to your new business premises, consider the following checklist to ease the transition.


  • Announce the move well in advance so both your customers and employees know when the move is happening. Make mention of this on your website and phone recordings.
  • Consider the timing of the move – avoid moving during your busiest sales period.
  • Create a planning spreadsheet broken down into tasks and deadlines. Assign tasks to employees, where possible.
  • Advise utility companies, telecommunication providers, etc. so the transfer can be made the day of, or even in advance of, the move to avoid further business interruptions.
  • Ensure your business insurance does not lapse during the relocation and coverage is transferred to your new office space.


  • Determine what your business can afford in terms of moving services. Will you pack for yourself or opt to have the moving company pack for you?
  • Is there a cost savings for buying packing supplies yourself vs. purchasing them from the moving company?
  • As with all hired services, ensure that there is a buffer in your budget for unforeseen costs.
  • Avoid “downtime” costs. Try and complete the move over one business day or the weekend.

Hiring a mover

  • Get references and quotes for commercial moving companies from your business community.
  • Reduce moving stress with ideas from this useful “Moving” page from the Office of Consumer Affairs.


  • Make a checklist of all the supplies required for your move: boxes, labels, tape guns, markers, etc.
  • Prepare an inventory spreadsheet. Do an office clean up before the move so you don't pay to move items with no corporate value.

Other useful tips

  • Backup all necessary computer files for security or in case equipment is damaged in the move.
  • Rental office equipment will probably be moved by the supplier. This may be an opportunity to upgrade your equipment.
  • File a change of address with your provincial registrar or Corporations Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Planning and communication will go a long way to ensure that your move runs smoothly. Follow timelines and checklists and it will be business as usual before long.

Find out more about business location before making your next move.

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