How social media can be used by social enterprises

November 7, 2013 - Tags: Social enterprise Marketing

Are you a social entrepreneur? Like many other businesspeople, you can use social media to make contacts, sustain relationships, identify needs and discover new resources or innovations. However, for a social enterprise, social media can be the essential tool that builds the ties between you and your community.

Broadly speaking, social enterprises are organizations operated to create a social, environmental or cultural good through a business model that generates income by selling a product or service in the marketplace. Using social media might help you achieve these goals more effectively.

What are some potential social media goals?

  • Making partnerships — Social media monitoring may help you find and reach out to new partners. At a glance, you could find out where other similar organizations get support.
  • Identifying financial contributors — Easily available public information could help you seek donations.
  • Recruiting volunteers with the right skills — These platforms are an excellent source of active volunteers who are willingly part of the conversation.
  • Crowdsourcing new ideas or solutions — People are usually happy to help if you make it easy for them to do so. A call to action can be spread more quickly through social media than via traditional avenues.
  • Promoting your mission — Because you can post frequent details and updates, social media is a great low-cost marketing tool.

A social media policy can help guide your organization's interaction over the channels best-suited to your goals. Remember, different audiences may require a variety of approaches. You will also have to decide how often to post and whether you need a dedicated manager or software to track your activity.

Furthering your cause

With social media engagement there are several principles that you, as a social entrepreneur, should keep in mind:

  • Community — Be ready to give as much as you take.
  • Transparency — Your actions are visible on the web, so govern yourself accordingly.
  • Consistency — Because everything is searchable, keep your message consistent and aligned with your goals.
  • Sustainability — Commitment and resources will help sustain the conversations you start and the excitement about your message and goals.

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