How many permits does your business need?

September 7, 2010 - Tags: Regulations

Our permits and licences search can help you find what's required for your business.

Remember, it is your responsibility, as a business owner, to obtain all required business licences and permits from all levels of government. Although it can be easy to figure out that you need a liquor licence to operate a nightclub, it can be difficult to assess that you need a Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada's (SOCAN) licence to play music protected by copyright. Thankfully, the permits and licences search can help you find out which permits are required and how to obtain them.

There are three easy steps to see most of the permits that may apply to your situation:

  1. Choose your business type and location.
  2. Choose the municipality where you will operate your business.
  3. Read about the permits and licences that may apply to your business and find contact information.

Note: Though the search is meant to be thorough, not all provinces and municipalities have provided information and not all industry sectors are included in the search.

What happens if you neglect to obtain a permit or licence?

Depending on the violation, you may receive a warning or a fine. Some more serious outcomes may include having to settle in court or having to move or close your business.

What if you were not aware of the requirement?

Telling an official that you were not aware or were not advised of the need to obtain a certain permit will not suffice. You are responsible for seeking out and complying with all business regulations.

Try the permits and licences search today and see what other obligations and regulations may affect your business.

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