Harness the marketing power of social influencers

December 12, 2011 - Tags: Sales Marketing

It's no secret that social networking communities are growing, and the resulting explosion of user-generated content is changing the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Word-of-mouth recommendations are valuable, and they are no longer limited to one-on-one conversations. Online, one person can share their opinions with many others with the click of a button.

In a world where your customers' opinions speak louder and reach farther than ever before, tapping into the power of personal recommendations can help you establish credibility and connect with new customers.

Social influence marketing focuses on appealing to the individuals who influence the buying habits of others. Getting social influencers to recommend your products or services can help you build credibility and increase sales.

Social influencers tend to have large social networks and are:

  • Active on social platforms
  • Trusted by their peers
  • Early adopters/trendsetters
  • Persuasive
  • Independent (not paid to advertise your product)

So what can you do to get social influencers talking about your products?

Be interesting: Share your story and let potential customers know what is unique about your products and services. Launching a great new product? Let people know! Getting people excited about your business is a key part of generating buzz.

Connect with your customers: Be ready to participate directly in conversations about your product. Don't be scared to jump in and answer questions about your products and services and be willing to help resolve customer complaints.

Get your product out there: Ask social influencers to try your products and share their thoughts online. For example, a restaurant owner could invite local food bloggers to a special event where they can try items from the menu. A cosmetics company could offer free samples to bloggers who review beauty products.

There are different ways to make social influence marketing work for your business, but the key is to give people a reason to talk about your products and services.

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