Good reviews equal good business

November 23, 2015 - Tags: Customers Marketing

More and more people turn to customer reviews and testimonials before making a decision to buy a product or service, or deal with a certain business. People want to be reassured by others that they are purchasing a good product or service from a trustworthy business.

Reviews can be found on various social media channels and review websites. These comments can provide insight into whether customers have had a great experience, found what they wanted or were provided with a solution to their problem by your business. Encourage your customers to submit their online reviews about their experience with your business. Testimonials, on the other hand, are normally provided directly to you by your customers. With their permission you can add these testimonials to your website, business cards and promotional materials.

What is the best way to obtain a testimonial from your customers? The first step is to ask. Find clients who are enthusiastic about your product or loyal customers who value your superior customer service and ask if they will provide you with a testimonial. You may want to help them draft one by providing sample questions such as:

  • What made you choose this product or service?
  • How did the product or service help you?
  • Why would you recommend this business to others?

Surveys can also be a source for testimonials. Leave an area on the form where people can leave their remarks and add a disclaimer if you plan to use their comments.

In the age of selfies and videos, your business could leverage the trend towards self-promotion. Add photos of customers along with their testimonials or create short videos of real clients using your product or speaking of their satisfaction with your service. If you already have a corporate video on your website or channel, you could add your testimonial videos to the same page. Showing prospective customers that you have sincere individuals willing to speak positively about your business can help build up trust and may prompt the decision to buy from you.

Stay tuned to what people are saying about your business online and be proactive in getting customer testimonials and reviews. The more people “like” your business, the better the chances that they will choose your business over that of a competitor.

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