Global Entrepreneurship Week — Celebrate and share your strengths and successes

November 8, 2017 - Tags: Managing Entrepreneurship Events

As you face a variety of small business challenges, take the time to think about why you became an entrepreneur. Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by reflecting upon your strengths and successes, using them to move your small business forward and sharing them to encourage other entrepreneurs.

This week is a good time to consider making changes. Internally, you could address areas such as innovation and corporate culture. Looking outward to assess your brand awareness and how you could make a difference to others might also be beneficial.

No matter where your business is within its growth cycle, there's always room for innovation. Examining your successes could help you see how to improve upon them or take them to the next level. Planning for business growth is the first step. If there were changes towards growth that you were not able to implement previously, it's time to see how this could be done now.

Corporate culture
Look inward to your mission statement — is it still accurate? Does it reflect your vision? To keep your corporate culture from sliding, step back and observe. Are your business successes reflected in the workplace attitude and atmosphere? If not, this might be your cue to reinforce the values that will help achieve your business goals.

Looking outward
Think about how to get involved in social enterprise or improve your corporate social responsibility. Giving back can help your business grow in subtle ways that may lead to more commercial success.

Look for opportunities throughout the year to raise awareness of your business. As you evaluate where your business is at this time, you might uncover new stories to promote. Reworking your marketing strategy to reflect your successes can keep your business and its goals up to date.

As you celebrate your own triumphs, spread the seed of entrepreneurship by lending your support to new small business owners and fledgling entrepreneurs. Contact business support organizations in your area to see how you can offer your expertise and other help to those who share your entrepreneurial spirit.

Celebrating entrepreneurship is not limited to one week only. Explore your potential as an entrepreneur at regular intervals. Continually evolving can lead to exciting opportunities for your business and serve as inspiration to others.

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