Get your business name out there — sponsor a local community organization or event

September 12, 2016 - Tags: Marketing

Increasing brand awareness of your small business has long been part of your marketing plan. Is it time to create an action plan? Have you thought about sponsorship? Sponsorship can take many forms; you could sponsor a person, organization or event.

Let's use the example of a small flower shop. How can you make the most effective use of your time and advertising budget to help you increase sales? Sponsoring groups that may not be your regular target audience could generate new leads.

Investigate different ideas

  • Sponsor a youth sports team. Children are not the target market of your flower shop but their proud parents, grandparents, family and friends sure would be. Having your company name on t-shirts that people see week after week for several months is a great way to increase your brand recognition and status in the community.
  • Sponsor a high school graduation award for the most artistic student — offer them a bursary as well as a congratulatory bouquet. This opportunity could increase your brand awareness among parents, teachers, school board trustees all of whom may have other celebrations to organize that may require the services of a florist (baby showers, weddings, retirements, etc.). Your business' name will now also be associated with this annual award.
  • Offer to supply flowers for a theatre production, hair salon, coffee shop or other community business — making sure your business name gets credit as a sponsor.
  • Create a team of your employees (using the company logo or name on their shirts of course) and enter an event in your community. You could also present the winner or organizer of the event with a lovely bouquet.

These are just a few ideas of ways your business' sponsorship could help your community as well as increase your brand awareness. There are many different ways of providing sponsorships — offering free services to a local charity or non-profit organization, monetary donations or exchanging your resources, time and expertise for branding opportunities. These activities are a great way to increase advertising without breaking your budget.

Finding the right sponsorship opportunity for your own business may take a bit of searching, leg work and planning but the benefits could be long lasting for your business.

Learn more ways of making a difference in your community.

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