This guest blog post is provided by Employment and Social Development Canada, which supports the participation of Canadians with disabilities in the economy and their communities.

As a small business or social enterprise, it's important for you to find innovative ways to hire the right people. People with disabilities make valuable contributions to Canadian businesses and to society. Yet almost 800 000 Canadians with disabilities are not working, even though their disabilities don't prevent them from doing so. With a small investment in accessibility, your organization can benefit enormously from this pool of talented workers. Now there is a new workplace accessibility stream of the Enabling Accessibility Fund that can help you do that.

Small businesses and social enterprises can apply to receive up to $50,000 per project. Projects need to support employment opportunities for people with disabilities through construction and renovation that will improve accessibility in the workplace. Projects may include:

  • Construction, renovation or retrofitting of workplaces in which job opportunities could be maintained or created specifically for people with disabilities
  • Retrofitting of motor vehicles for work use
  • Provision of information and communications technologies for work use.

Canadians with disabilities have enormous talent and are willing to work, and businesses are looking to fill positions. The Government of Canada is helping employers create accessible and inclusive workplaces for all people, including those with disabilities. This will benefit employees and employers alike.

Find out how to apply (link no longer valid) and don't forget that applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. (EST), January 20, 2014.