Employee performance: Build a bridge to success

July 8, 2013 - Tags: Training Managing Planning

As a small business, maximizing the performance and productivity of your team is something you're always thinking about. Your employees and their contribution have an impact on every aspect ofyour business. So it's a good idea to always keep looking for new ways to strengthen your team.

Your workplace can set the tone for your employees' daily performance. Create an environment that fosters hard work and efficiency.

  • Create open communication between you and your employees. Setting up meetings for discussions and having an open-door policy where your employees can speak honestly can help them feel valued.
  • Illustrate what you want by embodying those traits. Acting with integrity and fulfilling expectations can demonstrate what you are looking for from your team.
  • Focus on team spirit and working together. Team-building exercises, for example, can increase long-term productivity in your employees, and allow different personalities to learn to work in harmony.

Remember that all employees are different; identifying their various strengths can allow you to build a stronger team. Encourage innovation and individuality in your employees and leverage their skills. Proper delegation according to your employee's skill-set can empower them to go the extra mile in their work, and can ultimately increase productivity.

A stronger team can mean a stronger business. Help prepare your employees for their responsibilities.

  • Provide training to equip your employees for their role. Ongoing skills development can help employees handle their responsibilities more effectively.
  • Give positive and constructive feedback. Let your employees know the specific goals and expectations that are needed; it can help them strive for improvement.
  • Provide incentives; recognition in the form of praise, a bonus or a gift can strengthen employee performance and act as motivation.

By creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and knows their role, you are helping your business continue to flourish. For more help, check out our sections on managing and growing.

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