Educate your customers, complement your marketing!

August 14, 2017 - Tags: Marketing

Customer education can be a powerful way to boost your sales and build customer loyalty. Educating your customers is about giving them the information and abilities that help them become informed buyers.

Business owners might worry that educating customers will hurt them, and help their competitors. If customers know more it might be easier for them to shop around and switch to other businesses. It turns out; the opposite can also be the case.  Educating your customers can have several advantages:

  • It can distinguish your business. Educated customers can see the ways your business is different. For example, if your product is similar to the competition, you could draw attention to the quality of your service. If your product really shines, show them why.
  • It can build credibility. This can be the first step in building a lasting relationship. Some customers might think sales are deceptive.  Educating customers can counter this impression, and savvy customers will appreciate your honesty.
  • It can establish value. Customers might not know the full value of your product. You can show them uses they may not have thought of. Educated customers know how to get the most value out of their purchase and may be less likely to regret it. Help them get the results they want.
  • It can boost confidence. Customers who don't know what they want, or how to judge quality, may hesitate to buy. Educated customers are confident buyers.

Educating customers will be a long term investment. It might involve training your salespeople to be subject experts, as part of offering your customers an experience. You might make instructional videos that provide guidance. You could also offer bonus information such as recipes or other ways to get extra value out of your product. The best approach will depend on their needs and what you want to teach them. It helps to keep your business goals in mind.

Customer education can complement your business' marketing to great effect. Taking the time to inform them can result in even more happy and loyal customers.


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Posted by Paul on August 25, 2017
I enjoyed reading this article about educating potential customers
and I think that I can derive some positive information from this article.

Just for your general information, I am further interested in how to reach potential customers and what various methods I can use cost effectively to market my product and potentially inform them through education about it.

I have read some information about writing an e book for purposes of branding.

When I think about writing an e book, I think the natural thing would be to use my name as the author and present some of my thoughts. The ebook would perhaps be an introduction of myself and some of my ideas. I am not sure where to bring some of my ideas for products under the same brand as my name.

What I think that I am asking is should I incorporate a product that I am interested in marketing and selling to generate profit as a business income such that the product name is associated with my name as author of an e book that introduces myself as well as a potential product ?

I would be happy to hear back with any advise.

Thank you and warm regards,

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