Don't just make corporate videos — make them pay off

January 12, 2015 - Tags: Marketing

Videos can be a great way to put your business on the map. With potential clients searching for information about your products on video sharing sites, this can be an opportunity for your business to be discovered.

Your videos could range from testimonials and commercials to interactive how-to's or case studies of successful uses of your products.

Here's how to increase your video's visibility, credibility and profitability:


  • Keep your videos short. Include a catchy introduction to hook viewers.
  • Be memorable. Interesting titles, in-depth descriptions, accurate categories and keywords relevant to your product or industry all help users find your videos.
  • Link your channel and certain video frames to your business' website for easier access and vice versa. Also link from your newsletters, eBlasts, and other social media.
  • Encourage viewers to rate, comment on and share your videos. If your videos generate a lot of interest, potential and current customers will want to know more about your business.


Ensure that your business' credibility isn't compromised. Corporate videos can be engaging if you find the right balance between humor and valuable information. Also, consistency is important, so once you've developed the style and tone of your videos, stick to it.

Remember that mistakes or offensive content may tarnish your business' reputation, so edit and review your videos before you upload them.


  • Can you cast employees instead of professional actors?
  • Plan for scriptwriting, audio and visual components, equipment, editing and other video production aspects.
  • Set a budget. Videos can be a wise but expensive investment, so track spending.
  • Brainstorm the types of videos you could create. Animated? Live action? Which type will give you the best return on investment given your target customer and your budget?
  • For a video to be profitable, it must meet your business objectives. How will you measure this?

Videos are costly to make — which is why many small businesses can't afford to make them. Find ways to partner, cost-share and minimize expenses. With the right plan in place, you could come out ahead of your competition by being found on video sharing sites.

For information on financing and online marketing for your videos, visit our Government grants and financing section and our Online marketing section. To learn more about social media guidelines, download the Business Development Bank of Canada's social media guide for entrepreneurs.

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