Cut Down on Energy Costs with Ontario's Doors Closed Campaign

August 5, 2010 - Tags: Innovation Marketing

As the temperature rises, it's tempting to turn up the air conditioning at your place of business. But did you know that air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your energy costs during the summer months? Every hour that a store keeps a 9' x 4' door open increases the air conditioner's load by 87,000 B.T.U./hr. That means that, if you are leaving your doors open for 10 hours a day during the summer, you are wasting 30,000 kWh and could be cutting into your profits by over $3 000 just to cover your energy costs.

The Doors Closed campaign (link no longer available) was launched in Ontario in 2008 to encourage retailers and restaurant owners to conserve energy by keeping their doors and windows closed while running A/C. The campaign is operated by weconserve in partnership with the Ontario Power Authority, Toronto Hydro and greenTbiz, among others. Taking part in the campaign is simple and free: educate your employees about energy conservation and display a Doors Closed poster on the front door or window of your store to promote your business as one that is conservation-minded. By conserving energy, not only are you helping with climate change, but you also cut down on your energy costs and improve your bottom line.

Contact the Conservation Council of Ontario for more information about energy conservation for your business or visit the Resources for greening your business section of our website.


Posted by Fauzia on August 23, 2010
Door closed sounds good if air conditioning is necessary, a little more attention is needed if it is really needed everywhere. Do you know a compressor itself causing pollution to what extent, would it be more healthy to work on systems and construction designs which circulate fresh air rather than polluting the fresh air. If we really want to go green, we have to think about our life styles.
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