Canadian Importers Database: Free information at your fingertips

April 30, 2012 - Tags: Import Research and data

Did you know that you have access to a selection of free, online tools designed to make your business research easier? The Canadian Importers Database is one such tool that can help you find products, suppliers or sales leads.

You can use the Canadian Importers Database to research companies that might be in the market for your goods or services. Perhaps you have a new product to sell to Canadian businesses that have been relying on foreign sources as their suppliers. You can use this database as a tool for market intelligence; it can be a partial list for sales leads or distributors.

If you are looking for a supplier of a product that is difficult to find locally, you may need to turn to the Canadian Importers Database. This online resource can help you locate a variety of importers across the country. You can focus on the demands of your own business by leaving the importing to companies that are specialized in this area.

If you operate a business related to the transportation or importation of goods the tool could help you identify some potential clients for your services.

Importers by product

Browse the list of Harmonized Systems codes for the product in question or perform a search using keywords to find the correct 6-digit code. At the 6-digit level you may refine your search to a specific country. Drill down to the 10-digit level to find importers at more specific product categories. 

Importers by location

Use the tool to find:

  • Importers by city — Use the search tool to generate a list of importers in the city you specify.
  • Importers by country — Find importers based on the country you specify.

The data comes from Canada Border Services Agency, based on import documents. Bear in mind that some information remains confidential, but you should have enough to get started.

Another resource that can help you find Canadian suppliers is Canadian Company Capabilities (link no longer available). If you still need to source the goods you need abroad, take a look at our Importing section to learn about this process.

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