Canada set to welcome more Chinese tourists

May 25, 2010 - Tags: Tourism

If you own a tourism business or if your business generates substantial revenue from tourists, you're surely aware that last year was a challenging year for the tourism industry. The 2009 Annual Report of the Canadian Tourism Commission indicates that tourism revenues dropped across the board compared to 2008.

Fortunately, however, the very near future may see substantial growth in the number of Chinese travellers to Canada. This past December, China agreed to grant Canada Approved Destination Status, which will make it much easier for Chinese travellers to obtain tourist visas to visit our home and native land. The agreement will also permit Chinese travel agencies to market tour group trips to Canada, and allow Canadian tourist businesses and destinations to promote themselves in China.

In light of this agreement, the Conference Board of Canada estimates that Chinese tourist visits to Canada will increase by up to 50% over the next five years, providing an incredible boost to our tourism industry.

Are you a Canadian tour operator? The Canada-China Inbound Tour Operator Accreditation Office (ITOAO) (Link no longer valid) is now accepting applications for this summer. Accreditation allows tour operators to receive groups of Chinese tourists who book their travel with approved travel agents in China.

Looking for more news and information on Canada's tourism industry? Check out the media centre and corporate website of Canada's national tourism marketing organization, the Canadian Tourism Commission.

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