A skilled apprentice can help you build your business

August 24, 2010 - Tags: Employers

Want a cost-effective way to hire a skilled tradesperson? As the demand for tradespeople increases, hiring an apprentice can connect you with an employee who has the skills and knowledge your business needs.

An apprenticeship pairs you or one of your employees with a student who is learning a trade. This allows students to develop their skills while working with an experienced tradesperson. In-class learning gives the apprentice knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and concepts that can help your business stay competitive.

Hiring an apprentice can help you:

  • rejuvenate your workforce with a new generation of employees
  • train workers to meet your business' specific needs
  • reduce employee turnover and establish employee loyalty
  • attract and retain skilled workers
  • grow your bottom line

You can attract apprentices by offering:

  • opportunities for hands-on learning
  • guidance and mentorship
  • long-term career opportunities

For information on the benefits of hiring an apprentice, visit the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum. To learn more about hiring staff, visit our section Managing your employees.

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