3 ways to increase global sales while decreasing risk

October 4, 2018 - Tags: Export Financing Sales

This guest blog post is provided by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) which helps companies navigate the complexities of international markets and make better business decisions.

Exporting can be a very lucrative endeavour for your business, but doesn't come without its risks, one being cash flow issues. To address the concerns you may have and provide a reference tool with cost-saving solutions, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) created the new Spotlight on Export Financing, a comprehensive guide that will help you to increase global sales while minimizing potential risks.

Canada's trade partners

Canada is committed to supporting its entrepreneurs and their companies to succeed in the global arena. The TCS, Export Development Canada (EDC), Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) offer products, programs and services that support the growth of Canadian companies at different stages in their life cycle. Canada's trade partners also provide backing of the trusted Canada brand to help your company compete and win lucrative projects abroad. This Spotlight outlines the products, services and initiatives of each trade partner so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Export financing solutions

There are a number of export financing solutions that can assist you and your customers, as well as both of your banks, in being more confident during business transactions. Banks make their decisions on the basis of risk and how exposed they are to a loss. You can help eliminate this risk by using insurance products and guarantees regarding your accounts receivable and performance. This will allow you to leverage more favourable financing and offer your clients better payment terms.

Funding programs

Grants offer another great way to increase working capital and fuel your international growth. Unlike financing products, grants have no premiums and do not have to be paid back. The TCS offers a number of different funding opportunities for qualifying companies. Never miss out on an international business opportunity because it doesn't quite fit your budget; harness these resources to help take your business to the world.

Learn more about how these exporting tools can help you achieve international success by downloading your free copy of the Spotlight on Export Financing

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