Government grants and financing 

Government departments and agencies provide financing such as grants, contributions, subsidies, and loan guarantees. Find out what type of government financing may be available for your business. Use the search tool or browse by type of financing.

Browse government financing by type

  • Grants, contributions and financial assistance

    Explore opportunities to receive public funds to help springboard your business venture.

  • Loans and cash advances

    Examine these loans and other borrowing possibilities for your new or existing business.

  • Loan guarantees

    Having trouble securing a loan for your business? A government-backed loan guarantee could help you attract creditors.

  • Tax refunds and credits

    Looking for more return on your business expenditures? Browse potential tax benefits that could help reduce overhead.

  • Wage subsidies

    Are high wage expectations making you reluctant to put up that Help Wanted sign? A wage subsidy program can put the perfect employee within your reach.

  • Equity investments

    Searching for a long-term financial solution for your business? An equity investor may be willing to bank on your potential.

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