Permits and licences 

In order to do business in Canada, and to comply with government regulations, you may need a variety of licences and permits from different levels of government.

Use the permits and licences search above to find out which ones may apply to your business. Please note that while most provinces and territories are represented in the search, many municipalities and industry sectors are not included. You may want to check with your municipal government about requirements for new businesses.

Additionally, your business may need to comply with other regulations or obligations that do not involve permits and licences.

  • Access Nova Scotia
    Applies only to: Nova Scotia

    Find out how to register your business, obtain required permits and licences, and get information on provincial government programs and services.

  • Nova Scotia Online Service for Business
    Applies only to: Nova Scotia

    Use this online service to apply for, manage, and pay for your Nova Scotia business registrations, permits and licenses.

  • FrontCounter BC
    Applies only to: British Columbia

    If you have a business in mining, forestry, agriculture or land and water, you can get help with applications, licenses and permits.

  • Government Service Centres — Permits and Licences
    Applies only to: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Get the permits, licences and approvals you need to conduct business in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • Government of New Brunswick services for business
    Applies only to: New Brunswick

    Search this website for information on programs, regulations, permits, licences, fees, forms, contacts and online transactions.

  • Centre of Administration for Permissions — Food, Animals, Plants

    Find answers to your questions about domestic and import licences, permits, and registrations issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

  • The Fair Trading Act
    Applies only to: Alberta

    Find out if you need to license your business in accordance with Alberta's Fair Trading Act.

  • Tobacco Retail Dealer's Permit
    Applies only to: Ontario

    Find out how the permit affects you if you are a wholesaler or retailer of tobacco in Ontario.

  • Permit — Tobacco tax
    Applies only to: Québec

    Find out about the permits you need if your business produces, carries, sells or stores tobacco in Quebec.

  • Permits — Fuel tax
    Applies only to: Québec

    Learn about the permits you need if your business collects, imports, refines or carries fuel in Quebec.

  • Search Alberta Regulations
    Applies only to: Alberta

    Use this search to find all proposed and approved Government of Alberta acts and regulations that may apply to your business.

  • Regulatory guidance — Life sciences
    Applies only to: Alberta

    If you are developing a new medical device or pharmaceutical, biotechnology or natural health product, get help with approval rules and regulations.

  • Commercial fishing and aquaculture permits in French only
    Applies only to: Québec

    Find out what permits you will need if you are engaged in commercial fishing and aquaculture in Quebec.

  • Promotional contests (Quebec) in French only
    Applies only to: Québec

    Find out about the regulations and procedures for holding a promotional contest for profit where the total value of the prizes to be awarded exceeds $100.

  • Certification for private seniors' residences in French only
    Applies only to: Québec

    Find out about the regulations and procedures you need to follow to open a private residence for the elderly.

  • Regulations for successive delivery service undertakings in French only
    Applies only to: Québec

    Keep informed of the regulations and permits required to offer services or courses spread over several days or weeks in exchange for remuneration.

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