Hiring employees 

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Know your obligations and opportunities when it comes to hiring employees — from recruitment to payroll to tax returns — and familiarize yourself with current labour market conditions.

When you hire someone to work for you, there are certain government regulations you must follow, from recruitment to payroll to tax returns. There are also certain things you can do that will help you find and hire the best candidates for the jobs you are offering.

Before you begin hiring, you may want to familiarize yourself with the current labour market conditions, and find out what services are available in your area to help you with your search.

It's important to have a system for identifying the requirements of the positions you want to fill, as well as policies for recruitment and selection that are inclusive and fair, with an aim to hiring the most qualified people, and achieving equality in your workplace.

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Steps for hiring

  • Establish the requirements of the position
  • Advertise the job
  • Interview candidates
  • Perform background and reference checks
  • Select the successful candidate
  • Orient the new employee
  • Start a file for the employee


  • Hiring requirements

    Find resources that can help you comply with the standards and regulations regarding recruiting, selecting, and hiring employees.

  • Hiring employees

    Learn about the steps involved in hiring employees — from developing the job requirements, to screening and testing applicants, to making an offer.

  • Wage subsidies

    Are high wage expectations making you reluctant to put up that Help Wanted sign? A wage subsidy program can put the perfect employee within your reach.

Finding employees 

  • Job Bank

    Advertise and manage your job openings free of charge and at your own convenience, and find qualified job candidates through the job match tool.

  • Recruit and manage salespeople

    Learn where to find salespeople, the importance of the recruitment interview and how to institute a commission structure to encourage high sales.

  • Hiring foreign workers

    If your business is facing a labour shortage, or you are unable to find the talent your business needs, why not look outside of Canada?

  • Teleworkers

    Having a difficult time recruiting qualified employees? A teleworker — an employee who works outside your office — may be a great option for you.

  • WORKink

    Find services and resources that can help you hire persons with disabilities and create an inclusive work environment.

  • Job Bank — Employer resources

    Resources to find, hire and train employees as well as handle their departure. Access regulatory, wage and labour market information.

Resources and support

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