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Find official statistics on a number of population characteristics, organized by topic. Demographic data can help you understand who your customers are, where they are located and what their needs and wants are.

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Statistics Canada's Directory of Statistics

Statistics Canada offers information and analysis on a number of topics relating to demographic characteristics. By examining the data offered under these topics, you can gain insight into the customers and markets you serve.

  • Aboriginal peoples

    Browse resources that provide demographic data about Aboriginal peoples, organized by topics such as business, health, education and income.

  • Children and youth

    Browse statistical resources related to infants, children, teens, adolescents, students and young adults.

  • Education, training and learning

    Browse statistical resources for activities related to developing knowledge, skills, understanding and values.

  • Ethnic diversity and immigration

    Browse statistical resources on ethnic groups, visible minorities, the Canadian-born population, immigrants and non-permanent residents.

  • Families, households and housing

    Browse statistical resources on households, housing, family types, marriages, divorces, common-law unions and living arrangements of individuals.

  • Health – Statistics

    Browse statistical information on the health of the population, factors affecting health and the use of Canada's health services.

  • Income, pensions, spending and wealth

    Browse statistical resources on income, pensions, spending and wealth, organized by topics such as debts, spending, savings, and retirement income.

  • Languages

    Browse data on the language composition of Canada, including information on English, French, Aboriginal, and other language groups.

  • Population and demography

    Browse Statistics Canada data and studies on populations, as well as their growth factors (births, deaths and migrations).

  • Seniors

    Browse Statistics Canada resources on the characteristics of seniors, organized by subtopics such as care, health, income and retirement.

  • Society and community

    Browse Statistics Canada information resources on society and community, organized by subtopics such as equity, religion and rural trends.

Census of Population

The Census of Population provides a statistical portrait of Canada and its people.

Regional demographic statistics

Find demographic statistics provided by provincial, territorial and regional government agencies.

    International demographic statistics

    Find official demographic statistics published by international organizations.

    • UN Demographic Yearbook

      Find international demographic statistics organized by topics such as population size and gender, births, deaths, marriage, and divorce.

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