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Find statistics that are specific to your industry. This information can help you better understand your industry and help you keep up to date on the latest trends that could impact your business.

Industry-based information products

Use these tools to get valuable data specific to your industry.

  • Canadian Industry Statistics

    Get industry data and analysis on a number of economic indicators such as employment, gross domestic product and capital investment.

  • Financial Performance Data

    Find out how your business measures up to others within your industry with this benchmarking tool.

Industry data

Find industry statistics and analysis that is specific to your chosen industry.

  • Agriculture and agri-food research and statistics

    Find statistics to monitor the agriculture, aquaculture and agri-food industries.

  • Construction

    Find statistics to monitor construction-related industries.

  • Culture and leisure

    Find statistics for monitoring the culture and leisure-related industries.

  • Energy

    Find statistics and analysis on reserves, capacity, production and consumption of traditional and alternative energy sources.

  • Information and communications technology

    Learn about how ICT is used and who provides it, and gain insight into the evolution and performance of the industry.

  • Manufacturing

    Find statistics and analyses for a number of industries within the manufacturing sector.

  • Natural resources

    Find information and statistics on Canada's use of natural resources and how that usage affects the Canadian economy.

  • Retail and wholesale

    Get financial performance data on the retail and wholesale trade sectors, as well as information on their structure and characteristics.

  • Science and technology

    Find statistics on research and development, innovation, technology use, and the performance of the information and communications technologies sector.

  • Transportation

    Find financial statistics and other resources related to the movement of people and goods by various modes of transportation.

  • Travel and tourism

    Find current tourism statistics, trends, and outlooks, as well as research on the factors affecting tourism.

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