Canadian economy 

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Find current economic indicators for the Canadian economy. This data gives you insight into the performance of several different segments of the Canadian economy.

Official economic indicators

Quickly obtain the most recent data available for key economic indicators and assess the current state of the Canadian economy.

Reports and analysis

Read published reports that offer more detailed data and analysis for particular aspects of the Canadian economy.

Small business statistics

Browse statistics and reports that are focused on the activities of small and medium-sized businesses.

Business performance and ownership

Assess the performance of your business, and get statistics and analysis relating to how businesses respond to taxation, regulation, business cycles, competition, and more

  • SME Benchmarking Tool

    Find out how your firm measures up to comparable small businesses within your industry.

  • Business performance and ownership

    Find statistics and analytical information on business performance, including current economic conditions, and the financing of small and medium-sized businesses.


Get statistics on price movements for consumer goods, industrial products, construction, agriculture, machinery and equipment, education, services and imports/exports.

  • Prices and price indexes

    Find information on price changes for a number of products and services, including the Consumer Price Index.