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Find out about automatic copyright protection in Canada, how to register a copyright with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for added protection, and how to access the Canadian Copyrights Database.

  • Copyright

    Find out what copyright is, your rights and obligations under the Copyright Act of Canada, and how to file for a copyright.

  • Guide to copyright

    Get the details on Canadian copyright — the benefits and processes of registering for copyright, licenses, royalties, tariffs, and much more.

  • Canadian Copyrights Database

    Search this database for all Canadian copyrights registered as of October 1, 1991.

  • Access Copyright

    Get copies from copyrighted books, magazines, newspapers and other material while ensuring that creators and publishers are fairly compensated for their works.

  • Copyright Board of Canada

    Find out about your rights and responsibilities when you create or use literary and artistic works.

  • Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

    You may need a licence if play recorded music or hire live musicians to enhance your business.

  • Re:Sound Music Licences for Businesses

    Find out how to get the right licence(s) if you are playing recorded music for ambiance in your business or at an event.