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August 31, 2011 - Tags: Entrepreneurship, Managing

Istock 000008140633xsmallAs a new entrepreneur or existing business owner in Atlantic Canada, you can find yourself facing new challenges every day. You also probably understand the importance of quality advice but may not be sure how to source it. While hiring a professional consultant may be an option, it may not be a solution your business can afford. If you are in this situation, the Entrepreneurs' Forum might be able to help you.

Entrepreneurs’ Forum supports entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada by providing businesses that qualify confidential advice from a group of expert volunteer advisors. If you are a resident of Atlantic Canada and you qualify for the program, here is a breakdown of the process you may experience:

Selecting Entrepreneurs — Entrepreneurs’ Forum evaluates businesses and chooses the entrepreneurs it believes can benefit most from its services. Your business could be in any phase, from start-up, to growth, to one that has reached maturity.

Choosing Advisors — Professionals are carefully selected to be advisors for your business. You will be given the opportunity to approve a list of advisors that will help you during the advisory session.

Meeting with Advisors — You will meet with advisors to discuss the business and get to know each other. Advisors will provide you with unbiased advice to help you with your business decisions. Many of these advisors have been involved with the creation and management of small businesses which has allowed them to gain great experience. The advice they give is constructive and always in the best interest of the business.

Follow-up — This will be provided for up to a year after an advisory session. As a client of Entrepreneurs' Forum, you will be kept well informed of upcoming events, and contacted each year to monitor the success of your business.In addition to the advisory sessions, Entrepreneurs' Forum also provides presentations and seminars on issues that may be relevant to your interests. For more information, contact the Forum online or call toll free at 1 (866) 492-7600.


I am currently working on a business plan, its 12 pages long but not done yet, I have looked at the Revenue, currently working on expenses, looking at getting quotes on equipment which includes IVR, ACD, phone, server, pc’s, office equipment and internet, searching for a client for an outsourced call center environment up to 500 employees.  I know I have to register my New Company and have a name search done, then select one of the 4 different types of business structures such as Sole Proprietor, Inc, Partnership etc, then approaching ACOA.  I currently have a gentleman that will do the accounting for my new company as well so things are going along slowly but progressing.  Now I look at my business plan and I noticed the financial section, well that’s difficult to complete if I don’t have a client yet and not knowing how much Revenue will come in and I don’t have quotes yet for the equipment required, however how does one go about getting a client?  Where do I register my business name and get a name search done?  Who can I contact to find out what licenses/permits/Fed-Prov-Municipal are required for the above industry?  I have contacted Regus here in Nova Scotia and they have contacted me back regarding building availability, they haven’t discussed cost yet but I’m told there are 4 free months of rental/lease depending on how many years I am going to rent for.  My apologies for all my questions, however I know I can make a difference in Nova Scotia with my new business. 

Any help would always be greatly appreciated.


By Patrick on September 5, 2011

Hello Patrick,

Congratulations on getting your business underway.  Our section on Starting a Business can help answer many of your questions regarding your Business name and registration, the NUANS Name Search, and Forms of business organization. We also have a section on Regulations, Licences and Permits, so you can do a search on the requirements for your industry.

In Nova Scotia, business name registration and the preliminary name search is done through the Registry of Joint Stock Companies. To learn about how to market and promote your business, visit our Marketing and Sales section.

For more information, please contact Canada Business Nova Scotia by calling 1-888-576-4444 to speak with one of our Business Information Officers, or you can visit us at our Resource Library, open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 1575 Brunswick Street in Halifax. We can help you locate business plan samples and provide assistance with market research for your business plan. We also have a lending library with many current books on business planning and marketing.
Best of luck in getting your business off the ground.

By Canada Business on September 7, 2011

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